Thursday, February 7, 2008

Re-ment winter fashion for SALE!

okay I just went to Kinokuniya and bought all the winter fashion set they had, which was 7 out of the 8. Of course the one I wanted the most was the one missing, dag-nab-it. But I'm selling a few of them because they weren't my favorite to begin with. Okay so if anyone has the one I marked "A" and wants to trade for one of the ones I'm selling I'm down with that.

A= dress I want
B= trench coat with fur trim $6.30
C= green dress only (not scarf) $5.00 SOLD
D= jeans with sweater hoodie/poncho $6.30 SOLD
E= blue jacket only with bell sleeves $2.00 SOLD
F= pom pom winter cap (barbie head size) $1.00 SOLD

B and D are the only two that are the full set, I am charging exactly what I paid.

I will ship the item in an envelope, no box so it will be cheaper. I just took the items out of the box and plastic and tried it on my girls for 30 seconds.

U.S. shipping $0.50 (one item or group)
International $1.50

contact me via my email not Flickr-

thanks :)

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